1st Blog ever

ImageHere it is.  My first Blog.  What to write?  I have no idea.  I was hoping that something inspirational would come to mind but I am drawing a blank. 


More excitement to come!! 🙂 

Photo taken at my family Christmas Party in 2012.  My daughter and future photographer. 


Copyright @Kollphotography


Halloween 2012

This fall my 10 year old son had the awesome opportunity to perform with The Dance Company and do the Thriller Dance.  He was the only child in the group of about 30 people.

He was able to perform several times including at a children’s Halloween party, a dance Halloween party, and they performed in the middle of the mall on Halloween.  The best part was that they were at the head of the 2012 Sioux Falls Zombie Walk and there were over 1000 zombies that participated in the parade that walked after the Thriller group.  The whole family got to be involved and we walked behind the Thriller group in the parade.  Lots of great photos!!


Here is a photo of our group (missing my son)

Left to right are Shampaign, Alysa, Lauren, Matt, Gloria, Rhianna, Megan, Myself

Left to right front row are Brooklyn, Adia, and Karsen


IMG_0599d 4


Some of the Thriller Zombies

IMG_0610a 4


Smart Phone Zombie – Rae

IMG_0621a 4


Little Ghouls

IMG_0633a 4


A random Fireman Zombie

IMG_0649y 4


Baby Zombie

IMG_0691a 4


My youngest Ghoul

IMG_0701g 4


My oldest Ghoul

IMG_0707a 4


My ghoul’s friends

IMG_0708a 4


My ghoul and her friends

IMG_0709k 4


Some of the Thriller Zombies

IMG_0726k 4


Some of the Thriller Zombies – My son on the right in the dark shirt and pants

IMG_0758a 4


My zombie boy

IMG_0784j 4


My zombie boy.  I did his makeup

IMG_0786a 4


Some of the Thriller Zombies

IMG_0801a 4


Some of the Thriller Zombies

IMG_0825a 4


Some of the Thriller Zombies

IMG_0835a 4


One of the Thriller Zombies

IMG_0842p 4


My Mother in Law joined in

IMG_0852b 4


Fireman Zombies

IMG_0853d 4


Afterwards we stopped in to Radio Shack.  Thought this was extra creepy

IMG_0860a 4


Eating Pumpkin brains

IMG_0888a 4


Zombies at the mall



My friends and I watching the Thriller group on Halloween.

IMG_0920a 4


The Thriller Dance instructor showing trick or treaters at the mall how to do the dance



silent hill zombie



My dog Lily on Halloween

IMG_1100a 4